About me

Hi there! My name is Sapir Levi, I’m a 28yo senior in Visual Communication @ShenkarCollege, I’m also a freelance designer. If you asked me to describe myself in one word, it would probably be adventurous.

My approach as a designer is to challenge myself and dare to experience.
I believe that coming out of your comfort zone is essential for every designer, therefore I always challenge myself with the platforms I’m using. I am always inspired by simplicity and aesthetics and yet I am always looking for the new and the challenging things like to combine between different design disciplines.

My main passions are web design, UX UI and typography. I always get excited to watch my design come to life and interact with people. I believe that good design is one that is ground breaking and yet intuitive for most people. I am also very passionate about photography, I see the world in shapes and always looking for the visual treats in life.


Email - Sapir7106@gmail.com

Tel - +972-523-665-667

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