A person dreams of distant places he does not know he is sitting on a treasure.

In this project I combined one story and four songs into one format. The book inspired by a process of mental breakdown and eventual reassembly of the soul. David Foster Wallace tells us in a sensitive, critical and cynical way about stories from everyday life, and criticizes the way our society refers to vacations, when in fact it is a one big illusion.

I wanted to show a complex and dismantled mental process that eventually connects together, becomes whole as one piece but it's not the same one, it's not like it was at the starting point. Along with the various pictures and songs, a large picture is created "A Hypnotic Collage".

In the Digital format I wanted the user to create a new and hypnotic collage of himself. I created the site from scratch, using Html, css, JavaScript and jQuery. You are welcome to create your own collages here

Book name: “A Person Dreams Of Distant Places He Does Not Know He Is Sitting On A Treasure.” based on “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” by David Foster Wallace.

Guidance: Tamar Bar Dayan

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